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Important points to remember. Kindly follow them for the smooth functioning of Learning Partnership.

  • Read all Rules and Regulations in the GREEN BOOK carefully
  • Label all uniform items & belongings of your child with his/her
  1. Name                        
  2. Admission No.
  3. Class
  • Send nutritious and vegetarian food in your child’s tiffin
  • Send a clean tiffin mat and napkin every day
  • If your child is unwell please don’t send him/her to school.
  • If half-day leave is taken on an exam day, the recorded marks are reduced to average
  • Emergency leave in the middle of a working day can be granted only if there is prior notice over telephone, enabling sufficient time to issue a gate pass
  • Students are not allowed to board the bus without student I-card
  • Children should be escorted to the bus stop every morning by parent/guardian
  • Parent/Guardian should bring Parent I-Card for any school visit
  • Parent/Responsible Adult must show parent I-card at the bus-stop drop
  • Please check and sign your ward’s school diary daily
  • Please write all applications on Parent Application form only
  • Mehendi, Tattoo, Hair-dye, Body Piercing strictly prohibited
  • Students who misbehave severely or are without clean and correct uniform may be sent home


  • Monday & Friday Uniform Specifics:

                          Classes I-V: Blue T-shirt + regulation skirt/shorts

  • For tele-queries and appointments, please contact DPS Tapi Academic Office at: 09662048973, 0261-6547555
  • It is strictly forbidden to contact staff members except via school